16 and Unstoppable

16 years ago on 12th June 2003, three revolutionaries sat in a room. It all took birth in that  room in Rotary Club, Malleswaram, where Mr. Madan, Dr Ashok Nayak, Usha Iyengar started this revolutionary movement, Daffodils. Daffodils aimed towards changing the perception of public speaking and leadership. It was called so because it perpetuates freshness and newness. 16 years later, on the 8th of June 2019, at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore – we had a team of seven who pulled an event for the very 16 years of legacy together!

TM Pranab Singh and TM Madhusudhan as event chair and co – chair, brought about the feeling, the enthusiasm of sixteen! Fifteen was the turning point, but becoming sixteen was a realization of the long lived legacy.

Fifteen years of greatness was now handed over to being sixteen and unstoppable.This entire event of the 16th anniversary, had a lot of dignitaries from District 92 with us. With their presence they made this event a bigger success and memorable.

The highlight of the anniversary was not  just the dance or the goodies and personalized gifts everyone received, but the panel  discussion with such eminent and established speakers and entrepreneurs. The discussion on Speak your way to the Top  or Lead your way to the top had the audience’s attention all fixed towards the panel. There were questions raised from the audience, there were counter team questions, but the answers and learning will help us all in leading and speaking our way to the top…This glorious sixteenth anniversary ended with smiles, goodies, pictures, lots of food and sparkling water but most of all with a lot of love and happiness. To top it all off, there was a deffer-ed live coverage that was created and curated for the Daffodilians. There were Daffodilians from 16 years at the event, there were newly joined Daffodilians at the event, but thought the Daffodilian spirit was held high up in the air.


Deepali Dwarakanath
VP Public Relations
Daffodils Toastmasters Club #1766

A Milestone Reached

It’s our pleasure to report that Zinnov Toastmasters club celebrated its milestone meeting (75th meeting) on 25th of April. As this was a special meeting for all of us, we wanted to do something different. We decided to have a debate and invite participation from the clubs outside which was very well received. We started the meeting with our SAA and the Area E4 director, Toastmaster Manas Bhargava delivering a report of the awards won by our club members.

With the host for the day being Toastmaster Amit Kumar, our club saw the brilliant performances of Toastmaster Krishna Mythili(SAP) and Toastmaster Girish Nagpal(Dhwani Toastmasters) establishing their opinions on the topic – Euthanasia along with Toastmaster Barathi Krishnan, Toastmaster Pranjal Sethi, Toastmaster Gautham K and Toastmaster Rajat Kumawat.

Post that, we had Toastmaster Richa entertained us with an extremely engaging word game, Taboo.

Apart from that, we had our very own Division E Director, Vanitha Rangarajan preside over the meeting and deliver the Vote of Thanks.

We’d like to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey and hope to see many more successful meetings in the coming future.

Contributor: Sindhuja Nanduri, Zinnov Toastmasters Club

Speak Up

The enterprising Toastmasters of Palakkad is just 2 ½ years old and it was the brain child of our president, Mrs. Deepa Sasikumar that “Speak up Palakkad” program was born. TMS team shared experiences and threw ideas during discussions that led to a pink start. Shortly, after few brainstorming sessions, the program was launched much to the excitement of the folks of Palakkad.

The speech competition program launched by the first ever Toastmasters club was unprecedented in Palakkad with Rs. 25,000 for the winner and total prize money of more than Rs.60000. With utmost humbleness, we would like to inform that the prize money is the highest in Kerala. The objective was to inform and invite Students, Professionals, Communities, Colleges and other institutions in Palakkad, above age 18, about the contest and to enrol them. Participants could either send a video of their speech or do a live stage speech. To be fair, active Toastmasters, were left out from contesting. The competition would go on to see the emergence of the top three speakers in both prepared and impromptu speeches.

The passion and enthusiasm caught up for the program and soon entries for the “speak up contest started pouring in. The impressive response came from Students, Management professionals, Teachers, Housewives and Retirees amongst others from different parts of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Of the entries received from across the state of Kerala, the best 20 gave spirited performances in the finals conducted on 28th April 2019. Winners were chosen by a panel of senior TMS judges and supervised by a dedicated team from ETMs. The winner, runner up and the second runner up for the prepared speech category were Sharon B. Thottam from Muvattupuzha, M. Sagar from Palakkad and Keerthi from Calicut. The winner, runner up and the second runner up for the Impromptu speech category were Abhishek from kottayam, Amrita from Palakkad and Darsana from Palakkad. Cash prizes, certificates and momentos were presented to winners. Congratulations to all who participated.

We thank our chief guest, Mr. Rajesh Hebbar, a Cine/TV personality, who with his excellent oratory skills cheered contestants and organisers alike. We also thank the chief Judge for the event, Dtm Mohandas. The “Speak up Palakkad” started with a bang. We have let known our arrival and Our vision is to call it “Speak up India”, going forward. We are sure such programmes on Leadership and education will be welcomed by all in the Toastmasters fraternity as it would bring more people in contact with TMS and make the flag of TMS fly high. Kudos to Toastmasters International who discovered our inner strength. The event success is also attributed to the generous financial support from Rubfila International Ltd., and I vision eye hospital. Our sincere thanks to Lead college of Management, Dhoni who supported with the venue and the set-up.

While the TMS team is pleased with the proceedings thus far, let me inform you that our journey was marred several times by challenges. Every challenge, every blockage in our journey was shot down with our Iron fists. The grit and attitude, excellent efforts, stupendous team work by our efficient members made this event a success story.

Contributor: Deepa Sasikumar

President – Enterprising Toastmasters of Palakkad

Travelling Toastmaster

On the 3rd of May, 30 Toastmasters assembled at Daffodils Toastmasters Club ready for a 13 hour journey to the land of freedom and party – Goa!

From the journey to the destination, there was fun, there was laughter, there were snores, and camera flashes. Each member, found out something new about another.

We stopped at multiple stops to relish food and soak in mother nature. After the journey like no other, we were welcomed to Goa, with the best welcoming gift ever, Puppies! There were four puppies that ran all around us, members played with them, clicked pictures and made memories! We further went on to have our Meeting 795 by the beach with some sparkling water!

Daffodilian Family

We also visited Fort Aguada where the beauty of the oceans by the lighthouse mesmerized us all. The times that we spent by the beaches of Arambol, can not be penned down, because it had not just emotions and nature but a feeling of ecstatic togetherness. Daffodilians aren’t just members of a Toastmasters Club, but also a part of a family that experiences ups and downs, highs and lows and lifts you up when you need support and will also cheer you when you’re at the peak!
The travel to Goa, only made a family, come closer and bond better..

That was our Meeting no. 795, Salty Water and Sandy Feet!

Deepali Dwarakanath
VP Public Relations of Daffodils Toastmasters Club

200th Meeting of PSN Toastmasters Club (The Milestone Meeting)

Spectacular! Pleasurable! Remarkably Enthusiastic! I am searching a correct word to describe the event of 200th Meeting of PSN Toastmasters Club. 

“Remember to celebrate milestone as you prepare for the Road Ahead” – Nelson Mandela

The Milestone Meeting that is 200th Meeting of PSN Toastmasters Club was not limited to a single day event as it was an indication of an achievement which was accomplished by superior ability, special efforts and utmost commitment. 

During the month of February, the Club’s Ex-President Rahul Ajith Kumar was the first person to draw attention towards approaching Milestone Meeting of PSN Toastmasters Club. It became clear to the officers that this meeting must be celebrated in a grand manner.

The Date on 200th Meeting was 13th April 2019 and we had limited days to make a Roadmap and plan for the meeting. The team consisting of fifteen members was formed and different roles were assigned. 

Events which were lined up to make an event memorable was the promotion of an event, a flash mob, launching of a Newsletter, a motivational session, a Team Building Event, a Fun Activity, The President Address, felicitation and the vote of thanks. Yes…we were able to achieve all above in 2 Hours and 30 minutes. 

Promotional Plan: The Promotional Plan of an event was divided into four phases. TM Sayed Aweze (Vice President Education) took responsibility to promote the event. 

First Phase: A simple poster with words “DOUBLE PASSION of DOUBLE CENTURY SESSION” made the statement of upcoming 200th Meeting clear.

Second Phase: A Video Teaser which was released during the first week of April was outstanding as it highlighted the event by stating “Double Energy, Double Passion, Double Impact” and was successful to draw attention of the spectators to PSN Toastmasters Club. 

Third Phase: An impactful Poster about the surprise element and other lined up activities during the event was done in a very innovative manner. Another trick in the Poster to draw attention was by linking 200th Meeting with 2:00 P.M. “I am going to 200th Meeting at 2:00 PM onwards”. 

Fourth phase: A creative Agenda by new Member TM Utkarsh Agrawal. This is first time that we had seen agenda with so many catchy lines. “DOUBLE IS AWESOME” “DOUBLE ENERGY WITH DOUBLE PASSION” “02:00 to 02:45 NETWORKING! 02:45 ONWARDS WORKING!”

This Promotional Plan managed to get 50 plus people as audience. 

Start of the Session: The Session started at 02:45 P.M which is usual Club Meeting Timings. Sergeant of Arms (SAA) of this session TM Anubhav opened the meeting by welcoming Guests and announcing four Golden Rules of the Club. Post that, SAA introduced Toastmasters of the Day (TMoD) of the Session. Do you think that start would be so light?

Surprise Element: PSN Toastmasters Club surprised the audience by a Flashmob. The Flashmob was performed first time in this Club. The Leader of the Team TM Niranjana did justice by selecting the songs and planning the moves. It was never died attitude of this set of dancers which made flashmob quite successful. Regards to TM Ayush for recording the songs and other participants TM Shweta, TM Deepak, TM Anuradha, TM Sachin. 

Toastmasters of the Day: To host such special show requires a level of intelligence which shall keep the session interactive, funny and maintain enthusiasm among audience. What could be a better pair than a Doctor and a Chartered Accountant? TM Mayisha and TM Vikram, two charismatic individuals, kept the spirit of the session high with their positive attitude and they proved their talent of hosting a show. Presence of good humor, pulling a leg of each other and of the audience, adjusting script according to the session and co-ordination with each other was done very professionally.

Launching of a Newsletter: Which event could be better than 200th Meeting for launching of a Newsletter for Quarter ending March 2019? Entire editorial team viz. TM Deepak Taneja-Vice President (Public Relation), TM Anuradha Choudhary (President) and TM Sayed Aweze (Vice President Education) were called upon the stage to launch the Newsletter “The Podium>>Xplore your PasSioN”. Vice President (PR) explained the theme and accordingly, types of inputs made into the newsletter like Seasoned Toastmaster’s View, The Journey of Toastmasters, Pathways etc. 

Motivational Session: Colonel Raj Kumar was the first choice for an educational cum motivational session of 200th Meeting. He is a veteran who has retired after 35 years of service in Armed Forces. He is a public speaker and delivers regular talks on Motivation & People Skills. As his profile speaks, he influenced the audience by citing examples to believe in self, have confidence and passion by introspection and self-awareness.  The audience was completely engaged as they placed queries for clarifications of related problems.

Team Building Activity: TM Sayed Aweze came out with perfect idea of Team Building Activity.  The activity started before the break. He divided the audience into two teams. An invisible ball was used to be passed from one team to another team. The main point of the game was that everyone should be aware of the name of each other. The Break was used as a platform for the activity where people were asking name of each other. What could be a better team building activity than this? Post Break, game turned into a fun activity.

Fun Event: Funny Monks, who are also Toastmasters, turned out to be the prefect choice for this day.  It could be understood as they were allotted 25 minutes, but session extended to 45 minutes. Their performances were very entertaining.  Again, these fun activities were audience engaging. During these entire 45 minutes, there was continuous laughter and enjoyment among the audience.  

President Address: I, TM Anuradha Choudhary, in the President Address shared my experience of Journey as a Toastmasters in PSN Toastmasters Club. In addition, I called upon the stage senior members of PSN Toastmasters Club to share their own experiences. 

Felicitation: Along with felicitating Colonel Raj Kumar, Funny Monks and various Role, Takers three special categories of Felicitations were done:

  1. Token of Gratitude to Optym India Private Limited in honor of being the location sponsor for Club’s Meeting;
  2. Token of Appreciation to DTM Karan Venkiteswaran in honor of his efforts to become the First Distinguished Toastmaster of the Club. 
  3. Return Gifts to the audience in a form of PSN Toastmasters Club Promotional Pen and copy of Newsletter. 

Celebration of success of PSN Toastmasters Club did not end at 200th Meeting but has started from 200th Meeting. I sincerely wish all the Best to the Club to reach to new heights and continue to carry the spirit of Toastmasters International. PSN is Awesome!!

Anuradha Choudhary,

President, PSN Toastmasters Club

With great powers comes great responsibility

When the ‘going’ gets tough, the ‘tough’ must get going….

The dialogues from our popular movies aren’t just some random words thrown in a catchy order. There was, and always is, a deep underlying meaning beneath all of them. That’s one thing I have realized this over the past six months, repeatedly and big time.  

It all began in November 2018. When the Division E Director contacted me to assign me as Club Coach to GreyT Orators. From that very moment, I had one thing very clear in my head – This is not just a ‘Do or Die’ situation; but its more like a ‘Now or Never’ opportunity. 

They say, “With great powers comes great responsibility”. I decided to squeeze even the last drop of wisdom between those 6 words. The day I walked in the club for the first reiki, I sat down with whosoever was there, and told them one single thing, “Please don’t talk to me as if I some big shot. Let all these titles ‘Club Coach, Blah! Blah!’ be for the paper work only. I am just another Toastmaster friend, who knows a little more about running a club and mentoring people, than what you already know.” That was possibly the best I could do to ease out the equation between me and the team running the club from ground zero. 

As Toastmasters suggests – the efficient functioning of a club is trifurcated into three basic areas – Membership Count, Educational Awards, and Quality of the meeting atmosphere. I decided to lock horns with bull head-on. And turned-on the delegation mode in my leadership. 

When I began, the club had only nine active and paid members. I believe, to play a fair game, we need a strong team. Thus, the first task at hand was to add new members. I delegated four of my club members to meet all 350+ company employees, one-on-one; and tell them about what Toastmasters is, and invite them to attend one of our next meetings. 

Second task was to create a buzz about one of our forthcoming meeting. For that I delegated two of them to design posters that can be circulated throughout the company and let people know, that something was happening. The remaining two of them, were put to task to involve the company leadership and source budgets to fund the meeting expenses. While I delegated myself to find someone from Toastmasters fraternity, to come as a guest speaker and do an engaging talk them. Inspire and motivate them about benefits of good communication skills. With some efforts, I was able to convince KVM Kishore to help us with this. 

Well, while at one end, Kishore’s charm as an enthralling speaker worked in our favour. Even my delegates did their work responsibly and we were able to conduct a good membership drive. Adding 6 members in within a short span. 

Now my focus was on going full steam with speeches. I began conducting educational sessions on speech organization, topic selection, and voice modulation and body language. Once the team got confident with their table topics, I began pushing them for their Pathways Ice Breakers. The aim was at individual development first, and then their club as whole. ‘Leave no one behind’, was the phrase I kept using. 

When I saw the struggling with club meeting roles, I decided to step in and prepared customized role scripts and gave them copies of it. So that they can use them and improvise on them while doing a meeting role. Since the club is entire on pathways, I helped them understand the evaluation sheet as well. I helped them with a custom designed evaluation checklist as well, for both kind of speeches – Ice Breaker and Generic Speeches. 

For any given meeting, whosoever was ready and confident to give a speech was given a slot. Sometimes we had only one speaker, while in the meeting we had four of them competing neck to neck. Not only it was amusing for me to see them progressing, the entire experience was satisfying to put the least.

In between, I kept engaging them to conduct out-of-the-box type meeting. Such as only a theme based humorous Table Topic Session on Valentines day. While on International Women’s Day, we had called two external speakers to engage the audience, specially, the ladies, to come and join Toastmasters not only for their communication skills, but a whole 360-degree development as well.

I also made some of the more pro-active members step out of the club and attend the Area and Division level contest. Not only it helped them get visibility of what’s happening around. It also made them do a self-analysis about to what benchmark do they need raise their meeting and speech quality. This would not have worked so seamlessly had I decided to lay down the rules for them to improve on their performance standards. Somehow, the ‘show-and-tell’ strategy of project management came handy here. 

As of date, I have done 21 meetings done with GreyT Orators, and I have come to the conclusion; ‘Not Just Salvation, even redemption lies within’. The problem and its solution are both with us all the time, but mostly our inhibitions cloud our judgement of our capacity to believe, ‘Yes, I can.’ Just because their club had less members, they thought they were less functional. As if they were handcuffed. When I demonstrated them that on a given rainy day, a club meeting can be successfully executed with just eight people in the room, they understood that its all in the head. 

Now that I am just about seven odd meetings short of the day when my assignment as a club coach comes to an end, I can their transformation from a struggling club to a determined club. The points on the DCP tally, might just be some numbers telling a different story. I my own opinion the real benchmark of a club’s performance can be determined by the enthusiasm of its members to conduct meetings after meeting each week; with a strategy to make each one be different than the previous one. 

I am contended and confident that the club’s team knows where they stand as of now, and where they are headed. So that their current and future Area Director can proclaim it with immense pride that it is one of the top performing club in the area. 

My key take-aways from this assignment, might be easily summarized as follows: 

  1. As a Club Coach or Mentor, don’t flaunt your rank or badge, instead become their friend. 
  2. Step down to their level of insecurity and then show them your expertise to resolve the problem. 
  3. While being a speech mentor to a speaker, understand the mindset and the idea that they want to convey. It is their speech and should reflect their signature style. 
  4. Membership headcount and DCP points are necessary, but don’t make them a race at the cost of meeting quality. Remember, the lines from a Bollywood movie, ‘Chase excellence, rest shall follow.’
  5. Be ready for set-back and disappointments, not all club members are equally enthusiastic. Identify the black sheeps and work with them separately. Don’t let inefficiency of one member affect the rest of the club.
  6. Plan the journey and prepare a tracker accordingly. Let everyone know, where you intend to head. Ask them, if they are comfortable with the itinerary. 
  7. When it is time for you to quit, do a transition. Don’t just walk-out. Remember, it’s a hand-over, not a break-up. 

CamaraDerie – A Dynamic Festival of Friendship

“Life becomes a festival when Gaiety and Culture Blend”

That’s how our division event started with all members in colourful Indian ethnic wear which turned our division conference into a festival. How glorious a greeting the sun gives to mountains! And that’s exactly how our guests were greeted by the registration team with a small memento.

A good beginning makes a good ending, that’s how our magical SAAs kick-started the event with a bang to make sure audience is ready to enjoy the event.

The best things happen unexpectedly and those unexpected moments are always sweet!! Thanks to our Flash mob team for that sweet refreshing moment!!

Post that our rockstar Division Director TM Ranjani appeared with TM Jagriti to address the crowd.

Our Division Director thanked the amazing people who worked with her for the entire term and felicitated the Division Core team DTM Karan, Area Director of Area D1, TM Priya Das, Area Director of Area D2, TM Ramya Tanuja, Area Director of D3, TM Krishna Prashanth, Area Director of D4, TM Akshay Kaore, Associate Division Director – PQD, TM Anto Arokia Nithyaa, Division PR Manager and Division Secretary TM Mallikarjun.

Also she highlighted our division success on the new education program, Pathways. Fore runners award has been awarded to the clubs who filled the highest education awards in this term. SAP SpeakToLead Toastmasters won the forerunners award with 18 pathways educational awards, Chevy Orators won the first – runner up with 11 pathways educational awards and TCS Maitree – ITPL won the second runner up with 10 pathways educational awards.

Also Division D had 5 Pathbreakers which is the highest in the district 92.

After audiences were amazed by the achievements, it was the time for us to say it loud and be proud that “We are Division D”. We had a club parade where each and every club leader hold the club flag with pride.

Post that, we had dignitaries who wished our contestants and our division for more success.

And our division directors acknowledged with a token of our love to each and every district officer in the room.

After a small commercial tea break, our main attraction started with the evaluation contest.

Our demo speaker made the evaluation contest an interesting one by her amazing speech which led to a tight competition between the contestants.

Post the contest, one set of division initiative awards has been give by our District director DTM Nagarajan P A and our District 92 PR Manager DTM Sagnik Biswas.

Once our hands are tired of applauding, our belly started to rule our mind. Hence we dispersed for the delicious lunch.

Post Lunch, we started the event with the table topics contest. Our Table topics contest master made the audience to feel the fear by the topic “Feel the fear”. We never felt fear can be such a fun as we had a fun filled table topics contest.

After the table topics contest, our division director along with the district PR Manager DTM Sagnik Biswas acknowledged our division PR team.

And it was time for our pathbreakers to shine on the stage, Frontier award has been awarded to TM Akshay Kaore, TM Abhijit Tripathy, TM Susmita Baidya, TM Anto Arokia Nithyaa Joseph and TM Maruthi Revankar by our district director, DTM Nagarajan P.A and Immediate past Club Growth director of District 41, DTM Jennifer Ghosh. After awarding our pathbreakers, it was time for us to acknowledge the next set of leaders, LDPians were awarded with a shiny medal for all the work they did for division D. And point to be noted here is that Division D has 8 LDPians which is also highest in the district.

Once all the recognitions were done, it was the time for the main attraction, international speech contest.Our contestants set the stage on fire by their passionate and motivational speech where they displayed emotions, call for action, and personal touch to their stories, which moved the audience.

Once the contest concluded, our division director thanked and recognised the army of the volunteers who made this event possible.

And the time came when the audience are at edge of the seat to hear the results of the contest.

Our chief Judge TM Nawab Khawar reveals the suspense by announcing the results along with the District Director DTM Nagarajan P.A, Division Director TM Ranjani, Event Chair TM Krishna Prashanth, Contest chair DTM Karan and the contest masters.

The event comes to the end by celebrating the Contestants for winning our hearts and the winners for winning the trophy along with our hearts.

As John Heyhood says, “A hard beginning maketh a good ending”. And we saw all our hard work made a smile at our division members face. Thats what we feel the success of the event. We saw the camaraderie between divisions, between clubs and between members. Truly its a celebration of camaraderie.

Here is the picture where we squeezed ourself to fit in one frame.

We are Division D. We say it loud and we are proud!!

International Speech Contest Results:
Winner: TM Raifen Fernandes
First Runner Up: TM Upashna Chhetri
Second Runner Up: TM Sayed Aweze

Table Topics Contest Results:
Winner: TM Madri Mankad
First Runner Up: TM Simaab Siddique
Second Runner Up: TM Medha Pandey

Evaluation Contest Results:
Winner: TM Akshay Kaore
First Runner Up: TM Raifen Fernandes
Second Runner Up: TM Vivek Pradhan

Area B2 Contest

Pictures speak a thousand words. Have a look at the highlights of Area B2:





WhatsApp Image 2019-02-18 at 4.42.34 PM (51).jpeg


The winners are:

International Speech Contest




TM Mathew Verghese


                   TM Baburajan Angadiyil


Evaluation Contest




TM Mathew Verghese


                   TM Ashin Paul

Table Topics Contest




TM Mathew Verghese


                   TM Tina J


WhatsApp Image 2019-02-18 at 4.42.34 PM (12).jpeg

CON’F’AB – The Division F Conference

Venue: Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Adyar, Mangalore
Day and Time: 17th Feb 2019, 9pm onwardsThe Annual Division F Conference CONFAB was held at the Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management. The Conference Chair was Area F1 Director TM Sridhar Kamath whereas the Contest Chief Judge was DTM Veera Katpitia.
The Division F Director DTM Savitha Salian welcomed the gathering.
The day started with the International Speech Contest. The Contest master was TM Amith Ananda from Inspiron Toastmasters. The Contestants were:
1. Sudesh Kumar
2. Tanuja Maben
3. Srinivas Pai
4. Leona Aranha
5. Flexon Fernandes
6. Samarth Shenoy.A tea-break followed. After the break, the Program Quality Director DTM Raj Kumar Bansal addressed the gathering and also distributed the Fast Five and Fast 50 awards to the clubs.
The second contest of the morning was the Evaluation Contest. The Contest Master was TM Santhosh M J from Manipal-Udupi Toastmasters. The demo speaker was TM Kiran Vasanth from Proact Toastmasters. The contestants were:
1. Anik Dutta
2. Tanuja Maben
3. Malini Hebbar
4. Divyashree Gatti
5. Flexon Fernandes
6. Manisha DaithotaAfter the Evaluation contest it was the turn of the Club Growth Director DTM Bhoopathy Shankar to address the gathering. DTM Bhoopathy in his short speech expressed his pleasure about the expansion plans of Division F.The last contest for the morning was the Table Topics Contest. TM Bhaskar Kiran from Winners Club was the Contest Master. The topic selected was ‘Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors’. The contestants were:-
1. Anik Dutta
2. Sudesh Kumar
3. Malini Hebbar
4. Aatish Prabhu
5. Manisha Daithota
6. Flexon Fernandes.The Division Director DTM Savitha Salian delivered the Vote of Thanks. The Chief Judge announced the results. The results of the contests were as follows:International Speech Contest:

1. Flexon Fernandes
2. Leona Aranha
3. Sudesh Kumar

Table Topics Contest:

1. Anik Dutta
2. Manisha Daithota
3. Sudesh Kumar

Evaluation Contest:

1. Flexon Fernandes
2. Anik Dutta
3. Malini Hebbar

Only the winner would qualify for the District Semi-finals to be held on 28th April 2019 at Bengaluru. Nikita Menezes, Shahab and Shraddha Pai were the tally-counters. Shreesha Krishna and Ashley Jovian were the timers. Smithaa Gopal, Bharath and Calida were the sergeant-at-arms. The programme was followed by lunch.Report by conference chair: TM Sridhar Kamath

The Area F1 Contest

Venue: KMC Interact Hall, MAHE, Manipal
Day and Time: 9 Feb 2019. 4.30pm.

Area F1 comprises of TAPMI Toastmasters, Manipal-Udupi Toastmasters and MAHE Toastmasters.

The contestants for International Speech Contest were:
1. Sudesh Kumar
2. Tanuja Maben
3. Anik Dutta
4. Suraj Murali
5. Anushka Nair
6. Nirupa Srinivas

The contestants for Table Topics were:
1. Sudesh Kumar
2. Shashikanth M
3. Anik Dutta
4. Rashi Aggarwal
5. Anushka Nair
6. Sanjana Narra

The contestants for Evaluation were:
1. Tanuja Maben
2. Nikita Menezes
3. Anik Dutta
4. Rashi Aggarwal
5. Anushka Nair
6. Nirupa Srinivas.

The Contest Chair was TM Kalpana Prabhu from Manipal-Udupi Toastmasters. The Chief Judge was TM Swandan Shetty from Manipal-Udupi Toastmasters. Neil and Chaithrika were Sergeant-at-arms, Varun and Fionna were the Timers and Santosh, Ashley and Sai were the Tally-counters.

The Area Director TM Sridhar Kamath welcomed the gathering.
The contest evening began with the Evaluation Contest. The Contest Master was TM Ananya Nair from MAHE Toastmasters. The demo speaker was TM Deepika Prakash from Infosys Toastmasters MSEZ, Mangalore. Her speech was titled ‘Red’.

The second contest in line for the evening was the Table Topics Contest. The Contest Master was TM Vighnesh Bhat of Manipal-Udupi Toastmasters. The Table topic question was ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’.

The last contest of the day was the International Speech Contest. The Contest Master was TM Yagneshwar from TAPMI Toastmasters.
The winners of the contest who qualified for the Division Contests were as follows:

Evaluation Contest:

1. Anik Dutta
2. Rashi Aggarwal

Table Topics Contest:

1. Anik Dutta
2. Sudesh Kumar

International Speech Contest:

1. Sudesh Kumar
2. Tanuja Maben.

Many Toastmasters from Mangalore joined the Area to witness the contests prominent among them being District Chief Judge DTM C K Ballal, Division F Director DTM Savitha Salian and Area F3 Director TM Sujatha Kotian.

Report by AD- TM Sridhar Kamath